The Real Struggle

Some of us engaged in struggles for social justice have been incredibly naive about what has been happening in our own psyches. Our very identities are often defined by our resistance to evil. It’s our way of feeling good about ourselves: if we are against evil, we must be good. The impatience of some activists with prayer, meditation, and inner healing may itself betray an inkling of what they might find if they looked within. For the struggle against evil can make us evil, and no amount of good intentions automatically prevents its happening. The whole armor of God that Ephesians 6: 10– 20 counsels us to put on is crafted specifically to protect us against that contagion of evil within our own souls, and its metals are all forged in prayer.

Walter Wink. The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium

Giving Tuesday Nov 27, 2018


One of LQVE’s biggest days of the year is Giving Tuesday. You’ll be hearing more about it, but because Facebook waves all fees on that particular day, it winds up being a good time to give! We’ve got lots of things planned for LQVE HAITI this coming year (More soccer, more help with teachers, more medicine, finishing up the latest clinic, etc…) We’ll need your help. Thanks for putting Nov 27 on your calendar.

Newest Clinic Taking Shape

new bel arrie clinic.jpg

It's really amazing to be a part of something from the ground up. Scroll down a few blog posts to see what this site looked like just a couple of months ago. Now, it's a new healthcare clinic for Nurse Maryse and the people of Bel Arrie, and almost ready to be occupied. Thank you everyone for supporting our work. And don't stop. People's lives are being impacted. (Haitians and Americans!)

The Story of LQVE


The Story of LQVE is a night of art, worship music, and inspiration with Jonathan Foster and his friends, Wallace and Rachel Fa'agutu. All proceeds from tickets, artwork, and t-shirts will benefit LQVE. If you're in AZ, or in the southwest portion of the country, or really, just anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, put this on your calendar! Tickets at 

July Trip to Haiti!

Deposits for July trip to Haiti are due Feb 1. $500 non-refundable. All payments can be conventiently made right through this website. The trip will be this summer, July 16-23. We're unsure of what we'll be doing project-wise, but we're sure of what we'll be doing the rest of the time... driving, bouncing around, sweating, playing games with children, eating super interesting food, seeing old friends, making new friends, taking cold showers, or no showers, working, and interacting with some of the most best people in the Caribbean! It will likely be the most interesting week of your life. 

Healthcare, Education, Wealth Creation

LQVE HAITI team.jpg

2018 is going to be a pretty great year for LQVE. We'll continue to support healthcare and education needs in S/E Haiti, and in a brand NEW venture, we're going to be investing in training to help develop ideas for businesses. It's a year-long training session by Haitians for Haitians that will teach entrepreneurial principles and practices. Healthcare, education and wealth creation. We couldn't be more excited about playing a small role in these three crucial areas. You have lots of places you can give as we approach the end of this year, but if you're undecided about who to invest in, consider being a part of the story. We'll need every dollar for 2018! Blessings! 



Brilliance of My Life

I don't believe in an explanation as much as I follow the announcement that Jesus is King. It has social, ethical, political, and artistic implications to everything I do and all that I am. I cannot run from it, nor do I want to. I cannot hide from it, nor do I seek to. I cannot explain it, though my mind constantly wrestles with it's meaning. He's the hope and the future, because he is the present and reality. The news that Jesus is King is the brilliance of my life. Everything else is shadow.

NEW Video. Help Us Support Healthcare!

A few years ago, our oldest kid indicated she was feeling like she should prepare to be a medial missionary in a place like Cascade Pichon, Haiti. I thought lots of things, but one of them was, "Ha, I'm going to be spending the rest of my life helping her raise money." We would have been, of course, proud to help her do so.

And then, Jan 1, 2015, happened and she stepped into the heavenly dimension far sooner than any of us imagined. A bunch of very cool opportunites have come our way the last couple of years, but nothing quite like the invitation from my friend Steve Weber at Heart to Heart International who asked if we wanted to support the community of Cascade Pichon by supplying medicines, and hiring a full-time nurse. I thought lots of things, but one of them was, "Ha, I'm going to be spending the rest of my life helping raise money for this."

And so the story goes.

There are lots of places to give these days. Don't stop giving somewhere else, but if you feel led, setup your account at the GIVE section of our Be A Part of the Story page to support the ongoing work LQVE is doing in S/E Haiti. You just never know where life is going to lead...

2018 Trips


There are currently three trips being planned for 2018... a Spring Break trip in March, a nursing trip in May, and a Summer trip, July 16-23. None of the trips are easy, simple, convenient, or particularly cheap. You'll be hot, someone on the team will probably get sick, you'll eat food your digestive system hasn't experienced before, there won't be warm showers, you may not have running water, there will be little to no wi-fi, or electricity, or comforts of home. And... it will probably be the best week of your life. Email us at