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A few years ago, our oldest kid indicated she was feeling like she should prepare to be a medial missionary in a place like Cascade Pichon, Haiti. I thought lots of things, but one of them was, "Ha, I'm going to be spending the rest of my life helping her raise money." We would have been, of course, proud to help her do so.

And then, Jan 1, 2015, happened and she stepped into the heavenly dimension far sooner than any of us imagined. A bunch of very cool opportunites have come our way the last couple of years, but nothing quite like the invitation from my friend Steve Weber at Heart to Heart International who asked if we wanted to support the community of Cascade Pichon by supplying medicines, and hiring a full-time nurse. I thought lots of things, but one of them was, "Ha, I'm going to be spending the rest of my life helping raise money for this."

And so the story goes.

There are lots of places to give these days. Don't stop giving somewhere else, but if you feel led, setup your account at the GIVE section of our Be A Part of the Story page to support the ongoing work LQVE is doing in S/E Haiti. You just never know where life is going to lead...

2018 Trips


There are currently three trips being planned for 2018... a Spring Break trip in March, a nursing trip in May, and a Summer trip, July 16-23. None of the trips are easy, simple, convenient, or particularly cheap. You'll be hot, someone on the team will probably get sick, you'll eat food your digestive system hasn't experienced before, there won't be warm showers, you may not have running water, there will be little to no wi-fi, or electricity, or comforts of home. And... it will probably be the best week of your life. Email us at

The Ways

I believe Jesus is the way to Father God. (John 14:6) But, there are lots of ways to Jesus. We, in this pluralistic society, need to validate all those different ways. No two people have the same experience, but this is OK because God is endlessly creative. You can't exhaust the infinite. He's constantly sowing and weaving love into all the different ways people navigate through life. 

Love is Saving All of Us

I love this picture. It's just a reminder of how we're attempting to use the game of soccer to do life with our friends in Haiti. We're really not trying to fix anything, or save anyone. The truth is, we realize we need as much fixing and saving as the Haitians! We're simply trying to enter into life with them, and in the process trust that Love is saving all of us.  

Just Finished Another Trip!

Trent, Kalyn, Kendriana, Rose, Kara, Marcel, Llamar, Chris, and Cara just got back from the most recent LQVE trip to Haiti! They were there with Shay Foster for a week playing soccer, hacky sack, hanging out with kids, painting, teaching, playing more hacky sack, in the ocean, driving all over S/E Haiti, seeing old friends, making new friends, playing more soccer, teaching nursing skills and more! So much work, and yet they look so happy! Funny how that works. 

Our Glory and Joy

For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord, Jesus, when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed you are our glory, and joy." A verse Paul wrote to his Thessalonian friends, and a verse every parent could write to their children. 23 years ago today, Johnna and I officially became parents. It's been quite the life. I give a thought about parenting, and Jesus, HERE. Our son, Shay, is in Haiti now. That's a pretty good way to spend his sister's birthday. He'll be joined by 8 others next week doing work there. Blessings to all of you who've been leaning into LQVE with us. Graves aren't dead ends, they're corridors to heaven. 

Discovering Good News

Haiti is a couple of thousand miles from my home. I started going there to be good news, but the truth is, there are many things within the Haiti way of life that wind up being good news for me. 

If you watch and listen, Haiti makes clear the things that are wrong with our social body. If we want to be converted as a society we have to be with people who are marginalized. It's how we find out what's wrong with our body.   

If the rich are truly with the poor, 
If the powerful are truly with the marginalized,
If those who are full are truly with the hungry,

Then everyone experiences Good News. 

The Shortest Distance Between Two Humans is a Smile

The shortest distance between two humans is a smile.

Our friend, Dylan, took this shot (and several others in this post). It's water, and life, and future. 

It's hard to put into words the beauty of these people, and the beatify of the land in Haiti.

Taking a break while working on the school in Cascade Pichon.

Haitian smile.

gran gossier soccer.jpg

Soccer. Always soccer.


One of our projects on this trip was helping to repaint a Cholera Treatment Unit.

Two girls in Gran Gossier.  

Some of the Cascades of Cascade Pichon.

Back to Haiti!

We head back to Haiti tomorrow. It's LQVE's 8th trip in less than two years.

It's incredibly unnatural. Expensive. Uncomfortable. Time-consuming. Draining. The hardest thing I do.

It's also super natural. Priceless. Comforting. An investment of time. Rewarding. The best thing I do.

(photo cred: Vulgamores/LQVE HAITI INSTAGRAM)

New Book Out

The long gestation period from idea to actual book happened this week. "DEATH HOPE & THE LAUGHTER OF GOD' is finally out and in online stores everywhere. It's not about LQVE, per se, but Haiti is mentioned. Check it out on Amazon! 

Meanwhile, we're getting ready for our next trip to Haiti. The week of March 13, a group is heading down from MidAmerica Nazarene University and a group from Mission Church. We'll be working on adding classroom space to the school in Cascade Pichon, and rebuilding a Cholera Treatment Unit in Gran Gosier. Your prayers are appreciated. Hey, you should go with us when we go back in July! We're taking deposits now. It's July 17-24. The emphasis will be on soccer, but even if you're not a soccer player, there will be plenty to do. Email me at for more info. 

Nurse Maryse

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.12.15 PM.png

This is Nurse Maryse. Born, raised, educated in Haiti. LQVE is honored to be partnering with the federation of Cascade Pichon, Haiti, in helping Maryse work full time in S/E Haiti. LQVE started by working on soccer fields, but it didn't take long before we became aware of other needs. After several trips where we served, met with leaders asking questions, and listening, we were presented with the opportunity to play a part in helping solve local healthcare needs. In Sept, 2016, Maryse became the first nurse to work full-time in this remote area of the world. How great is that?

Healthcare in Haiti

Five nurses from Mission Church (and Shay Foster) spent a week in S/E Haiti last week. Here they are with some Haitian friends, including Nurse Maryse (front row to the right). Your LQVE dollars goes to support Maryse. Don't stop. We're all helping make a difference in this remote part of the world. (Added bonus: Taylor and Arianna are rocking the LQVE FUTBOL shirts. You should get one.)