Why do we do what we do?

Why do we go back year after year to the same communities that we’ve been in relationship with since our first trip to Haiti? Because we believe that real development and change happens through relationships, and not simply through charity.

One of our core beliefs is that our Haitian brothers and sisters are ultimately going to be the ones who bring themselves out of poverty. We must remember this. They are the masters of their destiny, and we’re just here do to life with them. Every single “project” that we have been a part of at LQVE was initiated by a Haitian community reaching out with a dream. We then come alongside our Haitian family and attempt to materialize this dream together.  It is crucial for us to continue to understand that Haitians make their own development decisions, and we cannot get in the way of that in the name of fundraising or good intentions. Our role is to continue making friendships in Haiti, and to be a supporter and encourager for our friends to chase their already existent dreams.