July Trip to Haiti!

Deposits for July trip to Haiti are due Feb 1. $500 non-refundable. All payments can be conventiently made right through this website. The trip will be this summer, July 16-23. We're unsure of what we'll be doing project-wise, but we're sure of what we'll be doing the rest of the time... driving, bouncing around, sweating, playing games with children, eating super interesting food, seeing old friends, making new friends, taking cold showers, or no showers, working, and interacting with some of the most best people in the Caribbean! It will likely be the most interesting week of your life. 

2018 Trips


There are currently three trips being planned for 2018... a Spring Break trip in March, a nursing trip in May, and a Summer trip, July 16-23. None of the trips are easy, simple, convenient, or particularly cheap. You'll be hot, someone on the team will probably get sick, you'll eat food your digestive system hasn't experienced before, there won't be warm showers, you may not have running water, there will be little to no wi-fi, or electricity, or comforts of home. And... it will probably be the best week of your life. Email us at

Next Trips

Our next trips to Haiti have been set.  A Mission Church group will be going Dec 28-Jan 6 alongside a group from M.N.U.  The numbers have to be capped, unfortunately.  There'll be 15 in each group.  (30 Americans total.)  In addition, there's a nursing trip scheduled for March 2016 and a MNU Women Soccer trip scheduled for Summer 2016.  

Meanwhile, recent developments between the Dominican Republic and Haiti may very well affect the work we get to do there.  The poor always wind up being taken advantage of especially when they are on the wrong side of the border.  You can read about it here.  Regardless of your political persuasion this is a crazy humanitarian issue.  Either way, LQVE is heading back.   

Q looking out over a town in Haiti

Quinc, overlooking a Haitian community.  I like this pic.