New Book: Where Was God on the Worst Day of My Life? (Order now.  Receive by Christmas.)

The answer to the most painful question I’ve ever asked - Where Was God on the Worst Day of My Life – is strangely the most beautiful I’ve ever heard.  I call it an answer… I recognize many people will not think so.  Many will assume a real answer to be longer, and more complete than what I offer.  I can appreciate this.  I can also appreciate that sometimes words get in the way.  The truth is, for me, there are not enough words to describe the awfulness of losing something precious.  And… there aren’t enough words to describe the joy of gaining something infinite.  So, I decided to share the story with less rather than more.  

I hope within these few pages you’ll find space to hear an answer yourself.  There are all kinds of answers in our world because there are all kinds of voices.  But, they are not all true.  Some, through mystery and beauty rise above the others.  Like the rivers rushing to the sea, I believe the true voices all rush to the one voice.  I pray you are listening.  

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