LQVE HAITI is a way of expressing love to the country of Haiti as well as honoring the life of Quincy Foster.  As a college student at MidAmerica Nazarene University Quincy took a trip to Haiti in 2013.  It was during this time she realized a desire to spend her life helping others through nursing.  By the time she returned home it was obvious she was captivated by this thought!  She attempted to return over the New Year in 2014, but a blizzard prevented her.  She and her team were stuck in New York City for 5 days.  (Yes, they were going to Haiti from Kansas City via New York!)  Unfortunately Q never did make it back to Haiti, for the following year, on an icy New Years Day, 2015, she was killed in a car accident. 

So, we’ve been going to Haiti for Quincy.  

Generations of poverty have forced many Haitians to grow up without education, adequate healthcare or even clean water. Heart to Heart International begin working specifically in the South East portion of Haiti in 2010. The word amazing is used too often, but what has happened in places like Cascade Pichon is truly amazing.  A school has been built. A healthcare clinic has been installed. Other projects are planned and per our efforts at LQVE HAITI two new soccer fields have been created, thousands of crisis care kits have been delivered, teachers are being supported and this year we hired Cascade's first full time nurse! 

Soccer continues to play a role in our efforts and the story comes together with soccer because Quincy was a player. Growing up in Arizona, she played soccer with the Phoenix Rush Soccer club and then arrived at MNU as a freshman by way of a soccer scholarship. While in Cascade Pichon in 2013 she participated in several soccer games with the local Haitian children.  All of this and more led us to build a soccer field right there in her honor (don't miss the end of the video!).  

As the soccer field was being built connections were made with other communities. So, we're doing more. Four trips were made over 2015 and 2016 and three more are planned in 2017. We're building more fields, facilitating healthcare, subsidizing teacher salaries, and investing in wealth creation plans. We're committed not just in giving things to Haiti, but in partnering with them. 

We are heartbroken Q has stepped over the threshold and into heaven before us, but we are forever grateful for the life she lived, for the legacy she left behind, and the opportunity to honor her in Haiti. To read about where the LQVE logo came from read here. 

Quincy loved to write, draw, paint and sing.  She often allowed this love for art to merge with her love for God.  Sometimes as she would pray through ancient verses from the Bible she would sketch.  The tactile sensation of paper and marker helped focus her heart on these powerful words and concepts.  Below you'll find the contents from a journal retrieved from her car the day after the accident.  They represent some of the verses she had worked on and prayed over in the last few weeks of her life. 

Currently, copies of three of the sketches (Romans, 1Corinthians & 1 Thessalonians) are available to purchase for $24 through our friends at RE in Kansas City.  Shipping is free anywhere in the USA.  Email them here... remporium@att.net, or call them here... 913-915-2124.  (you can also find them on Facebook)

Proceeds from these purchases are funding the Quincy Foster Memorial Scholarship at MidAmerica Nazarene University.  This endowment will help fund mission trips for future nursing students at MNU.  

Grief is the densest forest imaginable. I've only been able to navigate by allowing the ideas, prayers, and theology within these books and many others to be formed into something of a machete. I hack, and I hack. Some days the path is more clear, but always the forest surrounds me.  Some of the books I seem to refer to most often include... A Grace Disguised (Sittser), The Problem with Pain (CS Lewis), Healthy Human Life (Bruckner), Heaven, the Hearts Deepest Longing (Kreeft), Heaven (Alcorn), The Prophetic Imagination (Brueggemann), Beauty Will Save Us (Zahnd), A Grief Observed (CS Lewis) and on and on... 

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